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Three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump for swimming pool-thermal salon Three-i


Features of three-in-one indoor swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification heat pump:

Economic saving: Obtain a large amount of energy from the air, and the energy efficiency ratio is as high as 300%-400%. The automatic operation time of the three-in-one heat pump is set according to the law of use, and the cost is naturally saved. Compared with oil-fired and gas-fired boilers, an average annual energy saving of 70% can be achieved. Coupled with the drop in electricity prices and the rise in fuel, low operating costs are becoming increasingly prominent.

Wide range of applications: It can be widely used in homes, hotels, hotels, schools, athletes training halls, saunas, water entertainment and leisure places.

Long-lasting constant temperature: It is very simple to use. The entire heat pump adopts an automated intelligent control system. The user only needs to turn on the power when it is used for the first time, and fully realize automatic operation in the subsequent use. It will automatically stop when it reaches the user's specified requirements, which is lower than the user's specified requirements. The system starts and runs on its own, keeping the indoor constant temperature and humidity.

Safe operation, no need to be on duty: Compared with fuel boilers, the operation is safer, and it is automatically controlled without personnel on duty, which can save personnel costs.

Long service life: low maintenance costs, stable equipment performance, and a service life of more than 15 years.

Environmental protection: The three-in-one heat pump has no combustion emissions, and the refrigerant is environmentally friendly, which has zero pollution to the ozone layer. It is a better environmentally friendly product.

Work flow and principle

The dehumidification heat pump series is a product specially developed for indoor swimming pools. It integrates air conditioning, dehumidification and pool water heating, recovers a large amount of energy and comprehensively utilizes energy, overcomes many problems such as high humidity and high chlorine environment, and changes the operation mode in spring, summer, autumn and winter. , To achieve high-efficiency and energy-saving operation, its working principle is as follows:

The working principle of the dehumidification heat pump, in short, is to recycle the evaporation heat loss on the surface of the pool water and transfer it to the pool water and air to make up for the heat loss of the pool water and air, and at the same time realize the air conditioning and dehumidification function. The working procedure can be roughly divided into two steps:

In the first step, the warm and humid air flows through the lower part of the heat pipe heat exchanger and the evaporator, the temperature drops, and the warm water vapor condenses into cold water droplets and separates from the air to make the air dry and achieve air dehumidification. At the same time, air cooling, water vapor condensation and The heat energy released during the cooling process is absorbed by the refrigerant.

In the second step, the heat energy absorbed by the refrigerant will first heat the pool water through the shell and tube condenser under the priority water heating mode to realize the pool water heating function. When the pool water reaches the upper limit setting value of the constant temperature, the refrigerant will automatically control the valve of the system. The air is heated and cooled by the coil-type air condenser to achieve air insulation; in the mode of priority air heating, the cooled air is heated by the coil-type air condenser to achieve the air insulation function. When the air reaches the upper limit of the constant temperature setting When the value is reached, the refrigerant heats the swimming pool water through the shell and tube condenser under the automatic control of the system valve to realize the constant temperature of the swimming pool water.

Since the heat energy will be lost through conduction through wall windows and other fresh air, when the heat energy generated by the heat pump is not enough to meet the requirements, the auxiliary air heater can supplement the heat energy required for indoor heating. As long as it provides its own operating power, the heat pump can continue to circulate in accordance with the above-mentioned working procedures, and achieve a harmonious balance of the three major functions of "pool water heating, air conditioning, and dehumidification" with lower energy consumption.

Dehumidifying heat pump uses dry bulb and dew point to run efficiently and energy-savingly

The working principle diagram of the unit: the auxiliary heating system water pipe is connected from the boiler hot water; the size parameters of the air pipe, the air supply and return air pipe diagram, and the water pipe diameter of the water system are shown in the figure.